DF @ Your School

Dance Fitness Program as an extra-curricular activity at your school


  1. Being able to offer a popular Extra-Curricular activity to students with no cost or administration required by the school

    “We get to offer a program that the students absolutely love - without the work that goes into making it possible for us”
    - Yvan Frederic, St Rochs Principal.

    “Dance Fitness has provided an exciting and fun dance program for our girls. The staff have always been most professional and engage well with the girls, resulting in an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone”
    - Sally Clayton, Fintona Jnr School Principal.

  2. Having access to a professional dance teacher who can be called on to supplement PE classes, arts programs and school productions.
  3. A FULLY ORGANISED ANNUAL CONCERT where all Dance Fitness students come together and perform. A highlight for all students!!



Conveniently located at the school, and conducted in and around school hours, therefore minimising pick ups and drop offs.

“With our busy family schedule after school, it is extremely helpful for this program to be so conveniently straight after school and AT school”
– Fintona Jnr School Parent.

Provides a great source of exercise at the same time as enjoyment for the students.

“Unlike some other sporting activities we have tried, dance fitness provides good exercise for the kids and they do not realise they are getting such a great workout because they are having so much fun with the music and routines”
– Genazzano Parent.

Lower costs than other dance studios in the area and other sports. We also take a no fuss approach when it comes to costumes and rehearsals for our annual concert. No costume making and one rehearsal on performance day.

“I love that you don’t do a month of rehearsals like other dance schools”
– St Rochs Parent.


Dance Fitness Program as an extension of your PE or ARTS Program

Dance Fitness also offers a range of dance and movement workshops that can be specifically tailored to complement your institution's programs and learning outcomes, for all levels of skill (Pre - Primary to Secondary). Some of the most popular programs are Jazz/Funk and Hip Hop lessons taken within the PE or ARTS Curriculum where students work on cardio fitness, flexibility, core-strength, creativity and co-ordination.

picture5Dance Fitness programs can range from a half day workshop with one class, to a year long residency for a whole school, depending on your needs. Professional dance artists from Dance Fitness will come to your school to lead the workshops. Dance Fitness dancers are highly trained, energetic workshop leaders who can assist your students in developing their skills, imaginations and creative potential.

Some of the schools that run Dance Fitness Workshops and PE classes are Genazzano FCJ College, Siena College, Fintona Girls School, Melbourne Girls Grammar, Canterbury Girls Secondary College, Our Lady of Sion and Ivanhoe Girls Grammar.