Structure of Dance Styles


Beauty, flow and elegance are inherent in the elements of ballet. Ballet can be appreciated as the traditional art form that it is, but also used as a technical base to other dance forms and many other sports and physical activities. As well as being an art form, ballet focuses an incredible strength, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, posture and discipline. Classes also encourage free expression, while teaching basic elements of dance, including ballet positions, rhythm, movement quality, space, body awareness and shape. The dancer's imagination and self-esteem are encouraged and strengthened through dance.

Especially for young children: Through Ballet Play and Games we emphasise proper usage of feet and legs and execution of turnout. Traditional barre work, center work and combinations are included in classes to teach students the structure of ballet but the real emphasis is on the beauty of ballet and the wonderful gift we have of being able to express ourselves through dance.


Hip Hop

A high-energy style that uses the latest sounds in R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by some of today's hottest choreographers. Hip hop encompasses movement that has elements of poppin', locking, and breaking as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. Hip hop is a fantastic cardio workout guaranteed to improve coordination, strength and skyrocket your confidence.



An exciting and ever evolving dance form full of rhythm, syncopation, passion and life. Jazz is a fun and energetic style of dance that is mostly used in musical theatre and in stage shows. Jazz combines the technical aspects of a ballet class but tends towards more dynamic movements to modern music.

Classes explore body isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, feet and arms and encourage individual expression and the development of personal style.

Jazz can be powerful and percussive or expressive and lyrical. Ever evolving, jazz dance is taught with the music of today together with the classical jazz of yesterday. Classes teach basic jazz dance technique, terminology and movement quality with an emphasis on proper execution of jazz isolations, rhythms and style performed to contemporary music that students love!!.



Funk dancing is the perfect fusion of styles, incorporating jazz roots into a melting pot of hip hop and other fashionable dance genre.

A funk class works to increase fitness, strength and flexibility through a range of exciting exercises. The class also uses simple progressions and break down of various steps. This gives students the chance to learn great dance moves, develop a funky dance style and boost confidence. Each class involves learning a dance routine, set to popular music.